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In this time of constant change, we have been thinking of different ways to offer all of our guests, something different to break up the same ole' same ole'. So we figured each week on Wednesday, we will make a limited number of a sandwich. Years ago when I was working in town, a friend of the staff came in to eat, and one of the courses we would send out was "sandwiches from around the world". Basically we would crush them with a whole bunch of sandwiches they didn't order, but couldn't refuse. Because hey who doesn't like a delicious sandwich?

This new idea is a similar concept.

So far we have gone from the Cubano (my personal favorite), to a Southern classic with biscuits and gravy, and this week we featured Barolo braised short ribs with melty gooey taleggio cheese, topped with a bright and flavorful gremolata. We sold out of the buns we made....only because I ate the last one and I was right it was delicious!

We are always open to suggestions for upcoming sandwich specials. If we pick your suggestion we will let you know, and you might get a little treat!!

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