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Virtual Wine Dinner

The world is certainly different and we all need to do what we can to enjoy ourselves. Something we thought  might be fun was to try a “virtual wine dinner.” We teamed up with our friend Ciro, the Italian Wine Ambassador who is working with one of our wine purveyors, together we bring a wine dinner to your home!

The first dinner was a success with so many of our regular guests enjoying themselves and asking for more! For the first edition, we offered two wines from the Carpinetto Winery in Tuscany, both wines were predominantly made of the Sangiovese grape, which made for a fun comparison. 

Ciro led the group with a wonderful discussion on the vineyard’s history, and the story behind the grapes and the wines themselves. As the group was enjoying the wines, we were also enjoying some food that enhanced the wines, and the experience as well!  With the first wine, a lovely crisp rosé, we had A Tavola’s signature antipasti plate, made up with our caramelized onion tuscan bean dip, prosciutto de parma, spicy coppa, fresh lemony ricotta, our house made pickles and marinated olives.  While we were enjoying the first wine, everyone had some lasagna warming in the oven getting ready for wine number two, a Chianti Classico.

After the bottles were empty, and about forty minutes of lively discussion everyone said “goodbye” or hopefully  “until next time.”  “Next time” has already been set in the books, June 1st at 6:00pm we will be taking a trip to Sicily!  Take a look at the Wine Dinner tab at the top of your screen to get the details. 

We hope to see you there!

Chef Joe

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