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Chef David is taking over the menu with a night full of tasty BBQ treats

This is a first come first served pop up event, so make your reservations an get here early

Buffalo Trace Warehouse C

** menu is subject to change without notice**




stuffed, smoked and bacon wrapped jalapenos


served with honey butter


napa & green cabbage, celery salt, buttermilk ranch



Pork Ribs

hickory &  apple wood smoked, Chef D's black pepper bbq sauce


Smoked 1/2 Chicken

brined and smoked, served with with buttermilk ranch

Pulled Pork Sandwich

smoked berkshire pork shoulder, Chef D's black pepper bbq sauce, brioche bun, coleslaw

Burnt Ends

brown sugar glazed, roasted and smoked pork belly


ask to enjoy it family style and we will make the trays

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