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Al Fresco ... A Tavola

Having this new outdoor space is so amazing for us!  It may take us some time to get our new space to the point where we are truly happy with it, but we are getting there.  Us, like I'm sure all of you, we are excited to be dining out, and being outside we have already felt the love from the local community. We would like to take a minute to thank those who have made it possible for us to be able to welcome you back to a version of A Tavola. Al fresco A Tavola is built with strong and heavy cement jersey barriers designed to keep you safe while you dine with us, if you have a little one with you or maybe you feel artsy, we encourage you to ask a member of our staff for a new box of chalk to use to decorate the barriers.


First of all, thank you to everyone at Town Hall who pushed to get the vote to happen, which allowed us the opportunity to build this Church Street oasis.


Thank you to Derek Stephens, and the crew at Stephens Towing for helping us get the cement barriers in just the right place, to ensure the safety and well being of our guests as we welcome you.


The beautiful flowers and decor had that special touch of love from Chef Vittorio's wife Jill, who continues to do an amazing job making it feel like home while being on the street.


Our amazing staff who has done so much, from transplanting ivy from their home garden, training on how best to serve our guests while being safe, to setting up our Al fresco space everyday.


Also a very big thank you to my parents, who have come in to help on Sunday mornings, stayed later after closing, ran to stores to get little touches that help in every which way, and countless other times they have helped during all of this.


And last but certainly not least, Thank You to my amazing wife who has put up with me bouncing countless ideas off her!  She has gone above and beyond to help us make this dream happen. 

Thank You

Chef Joe

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